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Brand building

1, Company Logo

As the Intangible capital of an enterprise , Logo is the medium of company information transfer .
Also ,as the enterprise CIS strategy mainly part and key element of building the image of a company , Logo is widely and frequently used in the process of building the company image .
Through continually stimulate and portray ,strong overall strength ,sound management system ,top quality product and good services which included in the company logo can be engraved in customer’s mind .

Logo and its meaning
(1) image
(2 ) meaning : the logo take the company name ZIDONG initial letter “ZD”as designing theme , by making two letter to be connected
together to make its united . The logo design is full ,smoothly ,steady but
flexible ,simple and passionate . It expresses powerful aggressive spirit and
consciousness , and the pursue for “making the industry dedicates to the
service of country and society.
 2,Enterprise standard color

Meaning : hot red means youngth, positivity, diligence, and brilliant.
Red hot means our enterprise will have a bright future and the confidence to make our enterprise powerful !
Also imply chinese old saying “good luck and happliness will come to our company !
3, Associatedmark



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